Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FINAL Race Announcement: Josephine Gay

On Thanksgiving day, I will be running the Turkey Trot for Josephine Gay.  This will be my final race for this project before switching over to the Running for Angels Project.  I would love to see you all out there that day as I wrap up this journey that has been going on for just shy of one year.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Enjoy the blessings around you on that day and remember those who are missing someone at their table this year.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Race Reflection: Anne Marie Murphy

Back in early October, I ran the MarcUS for Change race out of Stamford for Anne Marie.  It was another one of those races that just seemed to fit.  The races name, MarcUS for Change, embodied so many of the hopes that we have for this world, post December 14th.  The race itself was for a young man that had passed away before his time.  The races proceeds were headed off to help the Stamford Education system which I'm sure Anne would have approved of.  Add to it that a good friend of mine, along with her beautiful daughter, decided to run it by my side, made the day even nicer.

There are some races where people approach me directly when they read my shirt and they reach out to say a kind word based on the name that I am wearing.  There are other races where people shy away, unwilling to approach for one reason or another but I can hear them speak about the person I am running for as they pass along behind me.  My race for Anne Marie went that way.  Maybe it was because I was surrounded by a large group of teachers so they especially would be tuned into the name I bore on my back. But all I could hear behind me the whole day was, "That's Annie Marie Murphy from Sandy Hook.  She died trying to save the children."

I must have heard that whispered behind me a dozens times, if not more, that day.

It filled me with so much joy to listen as people read my shirt and remembered.  And what an honorable way to be remembered- leaving this world in an attempt to save the lives of children.  Again, it solidified the purpose of this project for me.  I was so happy to hear people remembering the adults for the heroes that they are.

When children are taken from us too soon, it's an easy thing to remember.  Their names, their images are burned into our brains because the injustice is just far too great to comprehend.  I always worried about the adults.  I never wanted their memories to get lost in the shuffle.  That race that day, helped me to understand that big or small, not one of the 26 are forgotten.  We feel their loss equally and all of their names are forever etched onto our hearts.

There was a lot of joy the day of that run.  I have a suggestion.  If you've never taken a run along side a 5 year old child before...try it.  It's more fun then I could ever hope to explain and it transports you back to your childhood, playing along side your friends.  In Anne's name, we ran, we giggled, we played and we crossed the finish line, piggy back style, as a team.  We smiled for her and I hope she was smiling down on us.


Here is Anne Marie Murphy.  The 20th angel I have now run for.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Race Announcement: Rachel Davino

This Saturday I will run for Rachel Davino at the Hot Coco 5k in Cheshire which benefits the Abilities without Boundries Foundation.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


With my 26 races coming to an end (two left to go), I began to think about what the next phase of this project could be. I didn't want to finish the 26 races and then have it be over. So this is what I've come up with.....


My friends and I have designed a new tshirt and it has been loaded into Cafepress for you to order (
http://www.cafepress.com/runningforangelsproject). What I am asking is for people to purchase the tshirt, pick ONE race (only one NOT 26 unless you're some kind of maniac) and run/walk that race wearing the tshirt that honors all 26 loved ones that we lost on December 14th.

I'm calling it the "Running for Angels" Project.

On the day of your race, I ask that you take a picture of yourself in the shirt and then email it to RunningForAngelsProject@gmail.com where I will take it and then upload it to my blog site and facebook page. (Once I am done with my 26 races, I will be updating the name of my blog and this facebook page to reflect the new project)

The goal is to get as many people as possible from across the country to wear this shirt in a race so that the people running around them see the names and remember those we lost.

All proceeds from the purchase of the tshirts will go directly to "My Sandy Hook Family Fund" which is a fund endorsed by the families directly impacted by the events of December 14th.

You don't need to be fast. You don't need to be experienced. I don't care if you participate in a 1k or a marathon, I just want you to try. And I promise you this....it will make your heart feel good.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Race Announcement: Noah Pozner

On November 9th, I will be running the Pilgrim Road Race in Middlebury, CT for Noah.