Thursday, February 7, 2013

February is not my month.

Between my illness last week and the impending snow storm, February is going to put me behind my schedule pretty decently.  I was suppose to race this Saturday at the YMCA Sweet Heart run in Stratford.  But with the snow coming, the race director needed to move that race to Sunday to give the roads some time to clear.  Only problem is, I have a race scheduled for Sunday as well, which means that I can't make it to the date they are rescheduling for. 

So, my race for Victoria Soto will regrettably be pushed to another day, to be announced when I figure out when that will be.  But, as long as the weather doesn't continue to dump snow into Sunday morning,  I should be able to get my run in for Daniel and that will be good.

Hopefully the next time you hear from me I'll have race number three under my belt.

Please stay safe and warm in this crazy weather we are about to get.  Think good thoughts for an early spring!



  1. Dont't be too concerned with the things you can't control, it will all work out in the wash, godspeed!!

  2. Thanks Tom! I'm hoping that the snow and bad weather is on its way to being behind us now. Fingers crossed that I don't have any more delays!