Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Race Announcement: Ana Marquez-Greene

I will be running the ShamRock and Roll in New Haven, CT on Sunday March 3rd for Ana.  It seemed suitable, given Ana's deep love of music.

My race for Victoria Soto is on schedule for this coming Saturday.  It will be the Stratford, CT Sweet Heart Run.


  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Tom Jones, here, I was with my friends Bill and Karen who took home medals in the team effort. I noticed that you and your running partner won medals, and that they were unclaimed. After talking to the race director, who told me they have no plan in place to distribute medals that went unclaimed,Karen convinced me to get your medals, and I can give them to you at another race, since you are committed to 20 plus more races.

  2. Hi Lindsay. I didn't see you at the Sweetheart Race but I will look for you at the Shamrock and Roll and the Race for the Families. I am running both. I admire your efforts here and am cheering you on!


  3. Hey Tom! Thank you so much! I had no idea I won anything. That was very kind of you to claim it for me. I would love to get it from you when we meet again, which I'm sure will be soon :) Thanks again!! And it was great to see you!

    Hi Amy! I am cheering you on as well! I just went through your blog :)I'm sorry that we missed each other last weekend. Let's make an effort to meet up this weekend. I would love to say hello! Thanks for reaching out!