Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Special Race Announcement: A 27th Race Added for the Newtown First Responders

I realized that I made this announcement on my facebook page, but not here.  Sorry about that. 
I've decided to add one special race to this project. On April 28th, I will be running the Chief Maloney Unity Run and Walk. And I will run it in honor of the Newtown First Responders.

Chief Maloney was the brother in law of a my good friend Jessica. He was killed in the line of duty last year and was a beloved police officer in NH. His fellow officers, friends and family have organized a race in his honor.  I was struggling to pick a person to run for in this race.  I was hoping to find a family that had a strong connection to law enforcement given the theme of this race, but I wasn't able to find someone that had that connection.  So I thought that running for the brave women and men of Newtown that arrived on scene to deal with that horrific scene was appropriate.

I'll be heading up to New Hampshire on this weekend to honor our first responders and our fallen hero Chief Michael Maloney.  Running from the Portsmouth police station to the Greenland Police Station. 
Feet, fail me not.

Love- Lindsay

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