Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Race Reflections: Mary Sherlach

On Mother's Day I ran the "Run Like a Mother" 5k for the incredibly brave Mary Sherlach.  A very sweet benefactor approached me about the race and offered to pay my admittance fee and while I was so grateful for the help in funding my cause, I was even more thankful that this person brought this particular race to my attention.  What better race could I find to honor Mary Sherlach then a race entitled "Run Like a Mother"? 

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the story, on December 14th, when the first shots rang out in the hallways of Sandy Hook elementary school, Mary Sherlach, ran towards the noise.  She did not cower.  She did not hide.  She ran at a derranged gun man with nothing but her bare hands.  Sit here and really take that in.  How easy would it have been for her to duck for cover.  To barracade herself in a closet or office?  What would you have done in that same situation? 

Mary Sherlach was a mother.  But she wasn't just a mother to her own beautiful children.  When she stepped foot into Sandy Hook elementary school, she was a mother to each and every child that took their education from under that roof each and every day.  And like any mother would for their own child if they were in danger, Mary Sherlach ran directly into the line of fire to put herself between those children and the madman who meant to harm them. 

Don't mess with a momma bear.  We will tear you apart and think nothing of it if you try to hurt our cubs.

I am in awe of Mary.  The selflessness.  The instinct to protect.  The complete disregard for her own safety over the well fair of the children that were intrusted in her care.  And while she was not able to overcome the gun man who was ladden with ammunition, she saved countless lives by stalling him, even if just for a few precious moments.  She distracted him long enough for the other teachers in the building to have a warning that something was terribly wrong.  We will never know how many lives she saved that day.  And I am in awe of her strength and her courage.

On Mothers Day, I ran for Mary.  I ran for the woman who ran like a mother to save the most precious people my town has to offer.  She is one of the bravest women that I will never get to meet.  And she will forever be a local hero. 

Mary, your sacrifice will be one of legend for all of time.  Our community will speak your name in reverence and thank you every night in our prayers for all that you did that sad, sad day.  You are a true hero.  May we all show that kind of courage to face evil if ever confronted with it.


Here is Mary Sherlach.  The 11th angel that I have now run for:

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