Monday, January 28, 2013

1,000 Miles for Chase

Over the weekend, I was honored to meet Kevin Bresnahan, who is a close family friend of the Kowalski family.  They lost their son Chase on December 14th.  Kevin has an amazing initiative going where he is pledging to run 1000 miles in Chase's honor.  He and I met during my run for Charlotte Bacon and while he was logging miles toward his goal for Chase. It was immediately obvious that Kevin has a huge heart and wants so badly to relieve the family's pain in what ever way that he can.  Kevin even asked for me to let him know when I would be running for Chase so that he could join me that day.  It feels amazing to have all of these different efforts coming together for a similar goal. 

Please visit Kevin's site and support him in any way that you can.


  1. These stories continue to inspire and amaze me. The determination to never, ever let these little ones and the adults who guided and protected them be forgotten is overwhelming. I wish you all well as you each do your part on behalf of these sweet, sweet children, ones who did nothing wrong but to go to school that day.

  2. Hi Lindsay--thank you for you kind post and support of my effort. I have posted information about your amazing endeavor on my blog as well. I also sent an email to the McCluskey race director, Mark, who I met before the race on Sunday. Mark was nice enough to provide his email address and said that he would post information about my blog on the Milford Road Runners newsletter. In my email I described your effort and participation in the race, and asked if he would post a link to your blog as well. Best of luck as you pursue 26--I will be rooting for you all the way!

    Kevin Bresnahan

  3. Hi Lindsay- ( still can't believe you ran 2 races back to back AFTER surgery!!) - Thanks for adding the link to Kevin's quest, i will most happily donate to his mileage...yeesh 1000 miles!! go Kevin!!