Sunday, January 20, 2013

Medical and Opening Race Update

Quick note on my medical situation:

I wanted to follow up on this blog because I have received numerous notes from people asking to run along side me on the 27th and I want to make sure that people know where my head is at when it comes to my capabilities that day.  I had my abdominal surgery this past Wednesday.  Everything went smoothly and I am healing up well.  As of right now I am feeling extremely confident that I will be able to, at the very least, walk the 5 mile course.  As long as I experience no unforeseen complications, I am planning on kicking off 26 in 2013 on the 27th.  My doctors appointment to be cleared for physical activity is this coming Thursday and I will know for certain that day.  Nothing like cutting it close, right? 

Thank you all for the very sweet notes and well wishes.  I appreciate them all so very much!  Now back to focusing on task at hand- running for remembrance. 

Love- Lindsay

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