Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Unexpected Gifts

A woman that I have never had the pleasure of meeting before read about 26 in 2013 and was inspired to write the following poem.  I had to share it here. 

Thank you Kathy from Twenty Six Seeds of Love for Newtown.  I am truly touched by this kindness.  I will carry your words with me as I run.

Run Free for Newtown

One run for each lost soul,
Remembrance is your goal,
You play an important role,
Now you must run free.

Your heart is now open,
To relieve what is broken,
Kind words have been spoken,
Now you must run free.

Feel the love and keep your pace,
We're behind you, in every race,
We give you thanks for your good grace,
Now you must run free.

When you're tired, increase your speed,
Feel the strength of your good deed,
26 Angels will help you succeed,
Now you must run free.

And as you cross each finish line,
The distance you've run will cross your mind,
You gave your heart, you gave your time,
Now you must run free.

Each life lost, each beautiful face,
Will be remembered at every race,
We all give Newtown a big embrace,
And hope you all run free....

Good luck Lindsay & Newtown- much love to you all ♥♥♥

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